We are in constant search for the most obscure, Oddities & Objects located in the most overlooked places. . We innovate . We amaze. We're are independent, creative Antique, Random Objects, Junk Shop that looks beyond the confines of conventional wood furnishings and considers Industrial Metal, Carnival pieces, and an occasional Obscure Object to jolt your creative thought process while looking for that unique found object to complete your project.. Applying options for moving the line resulting in a creative solution for your next Indoor, outdoor Living or Garden design.


Every Isle is unique. Open your mind when walking the Yard. Every item is its own. Every rusted random metal deserves to be considered for its unique place in a Garden, Art Project.  we offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider your space and needs and craft an innovative design that is all you.


Words cannot describe.